Psalm 41

David Koyzis ©

  1. Happy are those who tend the poor and weak,
    For in adversity
    The Lord will come to help and to their land
    Will grant prosperity.
    He will not give them over to their foes
    But keep them in His care;
    When they are sick He will remember them
    And see their health repair.
  2. "O Lord," I said, "be merciful to me,
    For I have surely sinned."
    With hateful hearts my enemies all say,
    "When will he reach his end?"
    They come to me and utter hollow words
    And plan for my demise;
    They spread the word abroad to one and all
    That death will close my eyes.
  3. Those who detest me speak in whispered tones
    And gloat triumphantly:
    A deadly plague, they say, will keep me down
    And put an end to me.
    Even the friend with whom I shared my bread,
    To whom my trust I vowed,
    Has turned away and, fleeing from my face,
    Has joined the mocking crowd.
  4. But you, O Lord, be merciful to me,
    My health again restore,
    That I may righteously call to account
    Those who my life abhor.
    Thus I will know Your favor rests on me
    If You my life defend.
    Praise to the Lord, the God of Is-ra-el
    For evermore. Amen.