Psalm 43

William Kuipers, 1931, et alv

  1. O judge me, God of my salvation,
    Plead Thou my cause, defending me
    Against a cruel, ungodly nation;
    From a deceitful generation
    O save Thou me and set me free,
    That I may honor Thee.
  2. Thou art my stronghold from oppression,
    O why then hast Thou cast me off?
    Why let my foes with their aggression
    Cause me such mourning and depression?
    See how they gather round to scoff
    And at my woes to laugh.
  3. Send forth, O LORD of my salvation,
    Thy light and truth to be my guide;
    O let their rays, in my privation,
    Lead me unto Thy habitation,
    Where ‘neath Thy wing I’ll be supplied
    With grace Thou wilt provide.
  4. Then, at Thy sacred altar bending,
    My heart to God in prayer I’ll raise.
    With harp and voice, in worship blending,
    Thy courts resound; while Psalms, ascending
    To God my highest joy, bring praise
    For all His wondrous ways.
  5. My soul, why are you sad and grieving,
    Why so oppressed with anxious care?
    Hope yet in God, His Word believing;
    For, light and joy from Him receiving,
    I’ll praise His Name again and laud
    My Helper and my God.