Psalm 46

W. van der Kamp, 1961

  1. God is our refuge; He will shield us
    And to our foes He will not yield us.
    He is our strength, in troubles nigh;
    Our help is He, the LORD Most High.
    The earth may shake in great commotion,
    The mountains plunge into the ocean,
    The seas may roar and rock the hills,
    The LORD is near; our fears He stills.
  2. There is a river which is bringing
    To God’s own city joy and singing.
    The holy house of God Most High
    Is in her midst; He hears her cry.
    In her the LORD His place has taken;
    Therefore she never will be shaken.
    At early dawn her God will hear
    And to her help He will appear.
  3. The nations rage, the kingdoms tremble,
    The heathen who for war assemble.
    When God but speaks, gone is their worth;
    His fearful anger melts the earth.
    By mighty enemies assaulted,
    We trust in Him, so high exalted.
    The LORD of hosts is on our side:
    With Jacob’s God we safely hide.
  4. Come, see the works which all around us
    The LORD has done and which astound us:
    The desolations He has wrought,
    The victories His arm has brought.
    The bows He breaks, the spear He shatters;
    Their shields on fire, our foes are scattered.
    The proudest kings He overturns;
    With fire He all their chariots burns.
  5. “Be still and know, all you who bide Me,
    That I am God, and none beside Me.
    I am exalted, and My might
    Makes haughty nations flee in fright
    . In all the earth I am exalted;
    By Me your enemies are halted!”
    The LORD of hosts is on our side:
    With Jacob’s God we safely hide.