Psalm 47

William Helder © 2003

  1. Peoples of all lands, come and clap your hands!
    Raise a joyful cry to the LORD Most High.
    Awesome King is He, great in majesty.
    Nations He brought low, humbling every foe.
    By His mighty hand, He gave us our land-
    Sign to Jacob of God’s electing love.
  2. God went up on high with a joyful cry,
    And the trumpet’s sound echoed all around.
    Now with loud acclaim, magnify His name.
    Play the harp and sing. Praise the LORD our King.
    He rules all the earth: shout His glory forth.
    Let your praise abound! Let the music sound!
  3. Glorious is God’s reign; great is His domain.
    He rules all the lands, issues His commands.
    Kings and princes all gather at His call;
    They with gladness join those of Abr’ham’s line,
    For God from His throne claims them as His own.
    Let Him be adored as our sovereign Lord!