Psalm 47

Psalter Hymnal, 1987

  1. Nations, clap your hands; Shout with joy, you lands!
    Awesome is the LORD; Spread his fame abroad
    He rules every land With a mighty hand.
    God brings nations low; He subdues each foe.
    From his mighty throne God protects his own.
    Our inheritance Is our sure defense.
  2. God goes up on high With a joyful cry,
    With a mighty shout; People sing it out!
    Let your voices bring Praises to our King.
    Praise him with a song; Praise with heart and tongue;
    Praise with every skill; Praise with mind and will.
    God rules all the earth; Magnify his worth.
  3. God reigns over all Rulers great and small.
    Leaders of the world, Servants of the LORD,
    Rally round his throne; He is God alone.
    Sing before him now, In his presence bow.
    God of Abraham! God of every land!
    Worship and adore God forevermore.