Psalm 47

Dewey Westra, 1931

  1. Praise the LORD, ye lands! Nations clap your hands,
    Shout aloud to God, Spread His fame abroad.
    Praise Him loud and long With a triumph song;
    Bow as ye draw nigh, for the LORD Most High,
    Terrible is He in His dignity;
    And His kingdom’s girth circles all the earth.
  2. God has gone on high with a joyful cry;
    Hosts with trumpet sound make His praise abound.
    Sing ye praise to God, tell His fame abroad,
    Take a Psalm and shout, let His praise ring out,
    Lift your voice and sing glory to our King;
    He is Lord of earth, magnify His worth.
  3. Praise His majesty understandingly;
    God is King alone on His holy throne,
    Issues His commands to all heathen lands.
    Lo, their princes all gather at His call:
    His the shields of earth, His the power, the worth;
    He, the God on high, is our Helper nigh.