Psalm 48

W. van der Kamp, 1972; rev.

  1. Great is the LORD! Him greatly laud
    Within the city of our God!
    To Him your thankful praises render.
    His holy mountain soars in splendor.
    Joy and pride of all the earth,
    She proclaims her Maker’s worth.
    In the north the city towers;
    There the great King shows His powers.
    He, her sure defense, will ever
    Be her strength, forsake her never.
  2. Like lions, sharpening their claws,
    Her mighty foes made common cause.
    But when those kings her walls surrounded
    They stood aghast and were astounded.
    Stunned and shaken by the sight,
    They in panic took to flight,
    And the pain that made them tremble
    Throes of travail did resemble.
    Ships of Tarshish Thou hast scattered:
    By the east wind they were shattered.
  3. As we have heard, so have we seen
    Here in the city, God’s domain,
    Which He establishes forever.
    The LORD of hosts forsakes it never.
    In Thy temple we have thought
    On the peace Thy hand has brought,
    And Thy steadfast love we ponder.
    As Thy Name, O God of wonder,
    So Thy praise, Thy exaltation,
    Reaches earth’s remotest nation.
  4. Thy right hand holds the victory;
    Let Zion’s mount be glad in Thee!
    Let Judah’s daughters with rejoicing
    Thy judgments and Thy truth be voicing.
    Walk around her citadels,
    Count her towers and crenelles,
    See her walls, her strong foundations,
    Tell the coming generations:
    This is God, who leaves us never;
    He will be our Guide forever.