Psalm 5

David Koyzis ©

  1. Lord, let my words receive a hearing,
    And think upon my restless sighs;
    My God and King, attend my cries.
    Lord, as the day breaks I implore You
    And pray before You.
  2. You, God, do not delight in evil;
    With You the wicked find no place,
    Boasters are banished from Your face.
    You put an end to the deceitful,
    Spurning the hateful.
  3. But through the fullness of Your mercy,
    I enter in Your dwelling place
    And worship You before Your face.
    In righteous ways, O Lord, now guide me,
    And stand beside me.
  4. The wicked's lies cannot be trusted;
    Their thoughts are as an open tomb,
    Their tongues are filled with words of doom.
    May their intrigues recoil upon them,
    Their guilt be on them.
  5. Let all exult who seek Your shelter;
    Joyfully may they ever sing.
    Shield them with Your protecting wing.
    To all the righteous You show favor,
    You are their Savior.