Psalm 5

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. O listen to my words, I pray Thee,
    And to my groaning, LORD, give heed.
    Hear Thou my cry and know my need,
    My King and God; my foes dismay me.
    Come Thou and stay me!
  2. LORD, in the morning Thou shalt hear me;
    I bring my prayer to Thee and wait.
    Against all evil burns Thy hate;
    The ills of men who do not fear Thee
    Shall not stay near Thee.
  3. The boastful shall not stand before Thee;
    All evil men Thou dost despise.
    And Thou destroyest him who lies;
    Thou hatest sinners who ignore Thee,
    O God of glory!
  4. Thy steadfast love shall fail me never.
    Through its abundance I’ll appear
    In Thy great house with holy fear
    To worship there, for none shall ever,
    Us from Thee sever.
  5. In fear of Thee I come before Thee.
    LORD, lead me in Thy righteousness
    Because of all who me oppress;
    Make Thou the way, I do implore Thee,
    Then straight before me.
  6. There is no truth in all their chatter;
    Destruction, death, is what they crave.
    Their throat is like an open grave,
    And with their tongue they fawn and flatter
    While lies they scatter.
  7. Declare them guilty who deride me!
    By their own counsel let them fall.
    All their transgressions, LORD, recall,
    Cast out those who will not abide Thee,
    But have defied Thee.
  8. Let all who cling to Thee delight us
    With joyous songs that never end;
    LORD, those who love Thy Name defend.
    Thou with Thy shield, though foes may fight us,
    Dost save the righteous.