Psalm 59

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. Deliver me, O God, I pray Thee,
    From ruthless foes who seek to slay me;
    Protect me, rescue me again,
    And save me from bloodthirsty men.
    They lie in wait and will not spare me;
    Fierce men are plotting to ensnare me.
    For no trespass of mine, or fault,
    They run to plan their dark assault.
  2. Arouse Thyself and come to save me,
    LORD God of hosts, lest they enslave me,
    For Thou art God of Israel,
    Our stronghold and our citadel.
    Awake to punish all the nations
    That taunt Thee with their provocations;
    Spare none of those who treacherously
    Plot evil and iniquity.
  3. Like packs of savage dogs that howling
    Through all the city’s streets are prowling,
    My enemies each night return,
    And for my life they lust and yearn.
    Lo, there they are, their mouths are growling,
    Their lips shriek hate, their mien is scowling,
    For, “Who,” they think, “will hear and stay
    Our hands stretched out to seize our prey?”
  4. But Thou, O LORD, dost laugh; Thy power
    Derides the nations till they cower.
    My Strength, I will sing praise to Thee,
    My Fortress, to Thy strength I flee.
    My God in steadfast love will meet me,
    And with His help and mercies greet me.
    In triumph He will let me see
    The downfall of my enemy.
  5. Slay them not yet, lest those who hear me,
    My people, should forget to fear Thee.
    O God of power and great renown,
    Cause them to totter, bring them down.
    Let them be humbled and be broken
    For all the sins their mouths have spoken.
    O LORD, our Shield, with whom we hide,
    Let them be trapped in their own pride!
  6. For all their lies, their evil cursing,
    And for the hatred they are nursing,
    O God, consume them, I implore,
    Consume them till they are no more.
    Show them Thy anger, let them cower
    Before Thy great and righteous power,
    That men may know that God does reign
    O’er Jacob and all earth’s domain.
  7. Each evening they, like dogs that howling
    Through street and market place are prowling,
    Return and look about for prey,
    And everywhere they seek and stray.
    They roam for food about the city;
    Their ravenous hunger knows no pity.
    They bark and bellow, loud and shrill,
    And growl unless they get their fill.
  8. But I will sing, my haters scorning,
    Thy steadfast mercies in the morning.
    A fortress hast Thou been to me.
    My Refuge, to Thy rock I flee
    Whene’er my haters’ anger blazes.
    My Strength, to Thee I will sing praises,
    For God has heard me from above,
    The God who shows me steadfast love.