Psalm 6

Edward Collier, 1911

  1. No longer, Lord, despise me,
    Nor in Thy wrath chastise me;
    Thy mercy I implore.
    How long Thine anger cherish?
    Consumed thereby I perish;
    My soul is troubled sore.
  2. To me, O Lord, returning,
    Save Thou, with pity yearning.
    Shall death Thy memory keep?
    Or shall the grave confess Thee?
    Or I give thanks and bless Thee
    While day and night I weep?
  3. The Lord my God will hear me,
    And when I pray be near me,
    To put my foes to shame;
    Turned back, no more to grieve me,
    They suddenly shall leave me.
    All glory to His Name!