Psalm 6

David Koyzis ©

  1. O Lord, do not chastise me,
    Nor in Your wrath despise me.
    Be merciful, O Lord.
    My strength is slowly failing,
    My bones within are wailing:
    How long, how long, O Lord?
  2. Turn to me, Lord, and save me;
    Rescue me in Your mercy,
    And show Your loving ways.
    In death who will remember?
    For in its endless slumber
    No one can sing Your praise.
  3. Weary am I with groaning;
    Through many nights of moaning
    I drench my bed with tears.
    My eyes are sore from grieving,
    Since foes who are deceiving
    Have preyed upon my fears.
  4. Out of my sight, transgressors!
    Fly from me, cruel oppressors!
    The Lord has heard my cries.
    He's answered my petitions;
    My enemies' ambitions
    Have met their sure demise.