Psalm 6

W. W. J. VanOene, 1972, rev.

  1. Chide me, O LORD, no longer,
    Nor chasten me in anger.
    In mercy hear my groans;
    O LORD, see how I languish.
    Heal Thou my bitter anguish,
    For troubled are my bones.
  2. My soul is troubled greatly.
    O hasten Thou to aid me.
    Why dost Thou tarry, LORD?
    Turn back and show Thy favor;
    Me in Thy love deliver,
    According to Thy word!
  3. How can the dead adore Thee
    Or bring their thanks before Thee,
    Or praise Thy holy Name?
    I’m weary with my moaning,
    Worn out with constant groaning
    And overcome with shame.
  4. All night, instead of sleeping,
    I drench my couch with weeping.
    With grief my eyes grow weak,
    Since foes with hate surround me
    And without ceasing hound me;
    My ruin they all seek.
  5. Depart from me, transgressors.
    Flee now, all you oppressors:
    The LORD did heed my cry!
    He heard my supplication,
    My plea for consolation,
    And with His help is nigh.
  6. The LORD heard when I pleaded
    And my appeals He heeded.
    My foes shall be ashamed,
    For sudden fear shall shake them,
    And panic overtake them.
    Their doom has He proclaimed.