Psalm 6

Clarence Walhout, 1982

  1. LORD, chasten not in anger,
    Nor in your wrath rebuke me.
    Give me your healing word.
    My soul and body languish;
    I wait for you in anguish.
    How long, how long, O LORD?
  2. Turn to me now, uphold me;
    For your love’s sake restore me.
    O save me by your grace.
    For death ends all remembrance;
    It wraps the tongue in silence.
    How can the dead sing praise?
  3. Pain and distress o’erwhelm me,
    I cry all night for mercy,
    My bed is wet with tears.
    My eyes can weep no longer;
    My enemies seem stronger,
    My awful foes and fears.
  4. All who love evil, leave me,
    For God has heard my weeping:
    My foes are put to shame.
    Turned back, no more to grieve me,
    They suddenly shall leave me.
    All glory to his name!