Psalm 60

William Helder, 1972

  1. Thou hast rejected us, O God,
    And scattered our defense abroad;
    Thou hast to us Thy anger shown.
    O now restore us as Thy own.
    The earth was rent, the ground did shake,
    For Thou didst cause the land to quake.
    God, put an end to tribulation;
    Deliver us, Thy holy nation.
  2. Afflicted with adversity,
    We turn again, O God, to Thee.
    Thou gavest us a cup of wrath
    That sent us reeling on our path.
    Yet Thou didst raise a banner high
    For those who on Thy help rely.
    No rescue Thy beloved nation.
    O God, reply! Send us salvation.
  3. The LORD spoke in His holiness
    And gave these steadfast promises:
    “Shechem and Succoth I’ll subdue,
    Moab and Edom conquer too.
    Manasseh’s tribe belongs to me,
    While Ephraim shall my helmet be,
    And Judah is my scepter glorious;
    In Palestine I’ll be victorious.”
  4. Who will to me the stronghold show
    And help me into Edom go?
    Are we cast off because of sin?
    When wilt Thou lead our host again?
    LORD, guide us as none other can,
    For worthless is the aid of man.
    With God we’ll rise to bold endeavor,
    For He will crush our foes forever.