Psalm 62

David Koyzis ©

  1. My soul finds rest in the Lord God,
    From Him alone my safety comes.
    He is my Rock and my salvation.
    He is my strength and my fortress,
    Within His arms I rest secure,
    Not to be moved nor to be shaken.
  2. How long will you rush in fury
    And set upon the helpless one
    To topple like the leaning rampart?
    Their sole delight is deception:
    Though blessings be upon their lips,
    Their inward thoughts are filled with curses.
  3. Seek rest, my soul, in the Lord God,
    For all my hope is found in Him.
    He is my rock and my salvation.
    I rest secure in His fortress.
    My life depends on God alone:
    He is my rock, He is my refuge.
  4. You people, trust Him for ever;
    Pour out your troubled hearts to him,
    Who is a fortress strong to save us.
    People, both noble and common,
    Are but a fleeting breath of air,
    Weighing but little in the balance.
  5. Look not to ill-gotten riches
    Nor set your heart on wealth accrued.
    God speaks to me and I have heard him:
    All strength is found in the Lord God;
    In You alone is steadfast love.
    As we deserve will You reward us.