Psalm 62

W. van der Kamp, 1967; rev.

  1. In God alone my soul finds rest,
    For in His faithfulness I trust;
    From Him, my God, comes my salvation.
    He only is my rock, my stay,
    My fortress and my help for aye,
    And none shall move my place and station.
  2. How long will you, my haters all,
    As though I were a leaning wall,
    A tott’ring fence, beset and press me?
    They plan to thrust me down to earth;
    Their falsehood gives them joy and mirth.
    Their hearts curse, though their lips may bless me.
  3. In silence bide I God alone
    And He shall hear me from His throne;
    He is my hope and my salvation.
    He only is my rock and stay,
    My fortress and my help for aye,
    And none shall shake my place and station.
  4. On God rests my deliverance,
    For He my honor will enhance.
    He is my mighty rock, my Savior.
    O people, trust this God of grace,
    Pour out your heart before His face
    And hope at all times for His favor.
  5. Mere breath are men of low estate,
    And a delusion are the great;
    They rise when in the scales you weigh them;
    Together lighter than a breath
    Are they, the prey of doom and death.
    Their sudden downfall will dismay them.
  6. Do in extortion not confide;
    In stolen goods do not take pride;
    Set no vain hopes on theft and plunder.
    Put not in growing wealth your trust;
    The greatest riches are but dust;
    Set not your heart on earthly splendor.
  7. God once has spoken, twice I’ve heard
    His sure and nevershaken word:
    To God belong the power and glory,
    And steadfast love is Thine, O LORD,
    For Thou dost every man reward
    According to his work before Thee.