Psalm 66

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. Let all the earth with loud rejoicing
    The greatness of our God acclaim.
    With shouts of praise let all adore Him,
    Sing to the glory of His Name.
    Let all then say, “How awe-inspiring
    Are all Thy works, how great Thy power;
    Before Thy strength, O God almighty,
    Thy enemies all cringe and cower.
  2. “All peoples, bowing down before Thee,
    Sing praises to Thy glorious Name;
    To Thee, O God, they all pay homage,
    With hymns of joy declare Thy fame.”
    O come and see with reverent wonder
    The awesome deeds which God has done,
    His mighty works among the nations,
    The victories His hand has won.
  3. His strength to Israel revealing,
    He turned the sea to arid land,
    And they on foot passed through the river;
    The waters heeded His command.
    We sang His praise, in Him rejoicing
    Who by His might rules without end;
    His eyes keep watch on every nation.
    Let rebels not His power withstand.
  4. Come, bless our God with joyful voices;
    All nations, let His praise resound,
    For He has kept our feet from stumbling;
    In Him we have a refuge found.
    Thy people Thou, O God, hast tested
    As ore is in the furnace tried;
    We in the fire of Thy refining
    Have been, like silver, purified.
  5. Into the net Thou, God, hast brought us;
    Thou heavy burdens didst impose.
    Thou didst let man upon us trample;
    We have been humbled by our foes.
    We went through fire, we went through water,
    Yet Thou didst show Thy power and grace.
    Thou hast delivered us, Thy people,
    And brought us to a spacious place.
  6. Thy holy temple I shall enter
    And there my thanks to Thee express.
    I shall fulfill what I have promised
    In days of trouble and distress.
    Burnt sacrifices I shall offer,
    With choicest fatlings pay my vows.
    With smoke of rams, with goats and bullocks
    I shall adore Thee in Thy house.
  7. Come and be to my words attentive,
    All you who the Almighty fear.
    Let me declare how He has helped me,
    How in my troubles He drew near.
    I cried to God in my affliction,
    And He in mercy heard my voice;
    I sang His praise with exultation.
    In His compassion I rejoice.
  8. If I had cherished any evil,
    The LORD would not have heeded me.
    I know that God indeed has heard me;
    He has attended to my plea.
    Forever blest be God, my Savior,
    Who has not turned away my prayer,
    Nor has withheld from me His mercy,
    His never-failing love and care.