Psalm 67

William Helder, 1980 ©

  1. May God be merciful and bless us,
    Illumine us with light divine;
    May He to us be ever gracious
    And cause His face on us to shine.
    May He to all nations
    Show His revelation
    And His way unfold.
    Great is God our Savior;
    Let all see His favor
    And His power behold.
  2. Let all the peoples come before Thee
    To sing their praises to Thy Name;
    Let all the heathen tribes adore Thee
    With joy Thy mighty deeds proclaim.
    Thou dost rule the nations,
    Judge their populations,
    Showing equity.
    Justice Thou providest;
    Thou all peoples guidest.
    Let them honor Thee.
  3. O God, let every tribe and nation
    Shout forth Thy praises far and wide.
    Let all men come with jubilation:
    The earth its harvest did provide.
    God is good and gracious;
    Richly did He bless us -
    He, our God and King.
    Let all peoples fear Him,
    All the earth revere Him,
    Of His glory sing.