Psalm 70

Dewey Westra, 1961; rev.

  1. Be pleased to save me, God, I pray;
    Make haste and come to my deliverance.
    O LORD, confound those with Thy presence
    Who seek to take my life away.
    Let them turn back and be embarrassed
    Whose joy it is to do me harm.
    Cause them to tremble with alarm
    Who say, “Aha!” when I am harassed.
  2. May all then yet rejoice in Thee
    Who seek Thy face with supplication;
    May those who love Thy great salvation
    Say, “God be praised!” and sing with me.
    But I, O God, am poor and needy;
    Come, then, to my assistance now,
    My help and my Deliverer Thou.
    O LORD, do not delay to heed me.