Psalm 77

William Kuipers, 1931

  1. In my grievous tribulation,
    Hear my cry and supplication;
    O my God, who hearest prayer,
    Look on me in all my care.
    Day and night in my complaining,
    Ne’er my mournful voice restraining,
    I in vain with tearful eye
    Sought relief with Thee, Most High.
  2. Will the Lord cast off forever,
    Ties of covenant friendship sever?
    Will He show His face no more
    As He did in days of yore?
    Will the word, to Israel spoken
    By our fathers’ God, be broken?
    Must we in our grief complain
    That His promises are vain?
  3. Shall His wrath, my way attending,
    So I asked in sorrow bending,
    Ever stem His wondrous grace,
    And conceal His kindly face?
    Then my faith, by sorrow chastened,
    Cast out fear and doubt, and hastened
    To reply in nobler strain:
    God will send me joy for pain.
  4. I’ll remember, O my Savior,
    How the years of joy and favor,
    Like the dew on arid land,
    Came to me from Thy right hand.
    I’ll recall, Thy works confessing,
    All the wonders of Thy blessing;
    With my mouth will I proclaim:
    Great and glorious is Thy Name.
  5. Holy in Thy habitation
    Are Thy ways, Lord of creation.
    There’s no god, O God, like Thee,
    Clothed with strength and majesty.
    Thou eternal art and glorious,
    All Thy wondrous works victorious;
    Let the nations, spread abroad,
    Know that Thou alone art God.