Psalm 77

Helen Otte, 1985

  1. I cried out to God to help me:
    In distress and sorrow, hear me.
    Day and night I sought in vain
    Joy for sorrow, ease for pain.
    I stretched out my hands to reach him;
    Day and night my prayers beseeched him.
    I was sleepless through the night,
    Silent in the morning light.
  2. I was anxious and bewildered
    As, in sorrow, I remembered
    Former days of peace and light;
    I recalled songs in the night.
    I with doubts and questions wondered,
    Am I from God’s mercy severed?
    Are his promises in vain?
    Will he show his love again?
  3. In my grief I will remember;
    LORD, your right hand changes never.
    I will think and meditate
    On your mighty deeds so great.
    All your ways, O God, are holy;
    Nations see your power and glory.
    You redeemed your chosen folk
    Out of Egypt’s iron yoke.
  4. Through the sea a path lay open
    When your mighty word was spoken.
    Clouds poured water, lightning flashed;
    Earth then trembled, thunder crashed.
    At your word the sea provided
    Paths your unseen footprints guided.
    You your people safely keep,
    Mighty Shepherd of your sheep.