Psalm 79

William Helder, 1972 ©

  1. Thy land, O God, the gentiles have invaded;
    By heathen hordes Thy heritage was raided.
    Look how they have, without restraint or pity,
    Defiled Thy temple and destroyed Thy city.
    To carrion bird and beast
    They offered as a feast
    The saints whom they did slaughter;
    Around Jerusalem,
    With none to bury them,
    Their blood was poured like water.
  2. We are a taunt to those around us dwelling.
    When wilt Thou come, the enemy expelling?
    O hear us, LORD! Wilt Thou extinguish never
    Thy jealous anger? Will it burn forever?
    Thy wrath, O LORD, pour out
    On all who Thy Name flout;
    Consume the godless nations.
    For greedily did they
    Seize Jacob as their prey
    And raze his habitations.
  3. Remember not the misdeeds of our fathers;
    Hold not their guilt against us, LORD, but rather
    Show Thy compassion to Thy humbled nation.
    O come with haste, Thou God of our salvation!
    LORD, so increase Thy fame,
    The glory of Thy Name.
    Free Thou us from oppression.
    For Thy Name’s sake we thus
    Pray Thee to rescue us
    And pardon our transgression.
  4. Why should the heathen, Israel deriding,
    Ask in contempt, “Where may their God be hiding?”
    Arise, O LORD! Strike in retaliation;
    The blood of saints avenge before the nations!
    LORD, on Thy holy throne
    Hear Thou the prisoner’s groan.
    Thy greatness manifesting,
    Preserve us as of old;
    Repay them sevenfold
    Who taunt Thee with their jesting.
  5. We shall forever joyful praises render
    To Thee, our Shepherd and our great Defender.
    We as Thy flock, Thy chosen congregation,
    Shall give Thee thanks through every generation.