Psalm 79

William Kuipers, 1931

  1. Thy land, O Lord, the heathen have invaded;
    Thy holy heritage they have degraded.
    Jerusalem, the temple and its altars
    Are ruthlessly defiled by the assaulters.
    Thy land in ruin lies,
    And cries for vengeance rise
    To heaven for all this evil.
    Our foes have given to beast
    And vulture, for a feast,
    The bodies of Thy people.
  2. Recall no more the sins we have committed,
    But may they all in pity be remitted.
    O Lord, make haste; O may Thy mercy tender
    Now strength and help unto Thy people render!
    To us salvation show
    In all our grief and woe,
    O God, forsake us never!
    Free from the tyrant’s chain,
    Purge from all sin and stain,
    For Thy Name’s sake deliver.
  3. Incline Thine ear to all in bondage sighing;
    Those doomed to death, on Thee alone relying,
    Preserve, O God! Lift by Thy mighty power
    The awful scourge of this relentless hour. . .
    O Lord, our foes restrain,
    Avenge Thy servants slain,
    Thou Lord of all creation.
    By those within Thy fold
    Thy Name will be extolled,
    Through every generation.