Psalm 8

David Koyzis ©

  1. O Lord, our Lord, Your name excels creation!
    Your glory far surpasses every nation.
    Out of the mouths of children flows Your praise
    To silence rebels who forsake Your ways.
  2. When I behold the works Your hands have molded--
    Sun, moon and stars across the sky unfolded--
    What can we be that You a thought should spare,
    We creatures frail that we should own Your care?
  3. Yet You have made us to reflect Your splendor,
    Crowned us with glory and with highest honor,
    Placed us as stewards over all You've made;
    Beneath our feet your earthly realm is laid.
  4. Earth's flocks and herds your people you have given,
    Beasts wild and tame, and birds that soar through heaven;
    Fish in the sea you've given us to claim,
    O Lord, our Lord, how excellent Your name!