Psalm 80

W. W. J. VanOene & William Helder, 1972

  1. O Israel’s Shepherd, hear our pleading,
    O Thou who Joseph’s flock art leading,
    Enthroned above the cherubim!
    Shine forth before Thy Ephraim,
    Show Benjamin, Manasseh light!
    Come, save us, God! Stir up Thy might!
  2. How long wilt Thou with indignation
    Ignore Thy people’s supplication?
    Tears are the bread of Israel;
    Thou givest tears to drink as well.
    Thou makest us to suffer scorn;
    Our neighbors’ jeering we have borne.
  3. LORD God of hosts, wilt Thou restore us;
    Cause then Thy face to shine before us.
    From servitude in Egypt’s land
    Didst Thou bring out a vine to plant.
    Where other nations dwelt before
    Thou plantedst it for evermore.
  4. Thou didst prepare the ground for planting;
    Thy vine took root and, nothing wanting,
    It filled the land so that its shade
    A shelter for the mountains made;
    It overspread the mighty trees,
    Right to the River and the Sea.
  5. Why didst Thou break its walls asunder?
    All who pass by its fruit can plunder.
    Thy vine is ravaged by the boar,
    And other beasts devour still more.
    Turn Thou, O God, and show Thy face;
    Look down upon Thy vine in grace.
  6. O God of hosts, grant preservation;
    Protect Thy vine from devastation.
    For they with fire have burned the vine
    And cut it down, though it was Thine.
    O let them perish in their fear
    When Thou dost with rebuke appear.
  7. But let Thy hand, so full of power,
    Thy aid and favor freely shower
    Upon the man of Thy right hand;
    Help Thou the son of man to stand,
    For Thou didst cause him to be Thine.
    Upon him cause Thy face to shine.
  8. From Thee we then shall turn back never;
    Revive us and we shall for ever
    Call on Thy Name, before Thee bow.
    LORD God of hosts, restore us now.
    Upon us cause Thy face to shine,
    And save us, LORD, for we are Thine.