Psalm 84

William Kuipers, 1931, & William Helder, 1980

  1. O LORD of hosts, O God of grace,
    How lovely is Thy holy place,
    How good and pleasant is Thy dwelling!
    O how my soul longs earnestly,
    Yea, faints Thy holy courts to see
    Mid festal throngs and music swelling.
    My heart and flesh cry out to God;
    To Him I spread my hands abroad.
  2. The sparrow finds a home to rest;
    The swallow deftly builds her nest
    And has her young beside Thy altar.
    So, LORD of hosts, my God, my King,
    I seek the shelter of Thy wings;
    Thou wilt not let me slip and falter.
    How blest are those who dwell with Thee
    And praise Thy Name unceasingly.
  3. How blest are those whose strength Thou art,
    Who on Thy ways have set their heart -
    The highways to Thy habitation.
    For them refreshing fountains flow
    When they through Baca’s valley go,
    A land of drought and desolation.
    The wilderness, with showers blest,
    Becomes for them a vale of rest.
  4. From strength to strength God’s people go,
    And He to them His face will show
    In Zion’s courts, His holy dwelling.
    O LORD, Thou God of hosts, give ear;
    O Jacob’s God, in mercy hear,
    Thy steadfast promises fulfilling.
    O God, our king and shield behold;
    To him Thy power and love unfold.
  5. Lo, one day in Thy house of praise
    Is better than a thousand days
    Outside the courts of Thy salvation.
    As one who fears and serves the LORD,
    I would much rather stand and guard
    The threshold of His habitation
    Than, far from God, to dwell within
    The tents of wickedness and sin.
  6. The LORD His goodness has revealed:
    He is to us a sun and shield,
    For He bestows renown and favor.
    And when the upright seek His face,
    The LORD will not withhold His grace;
    His faithfulness endures forever.
    O LORD of hosts, how blest is he
    Who puts his hope and trust in Thee.