Psalm 84

William Helder © 2003

  1. O LORD of hosts, almighty King,
    The praises of Your house I sing.
    How lovely is Your habitation!
    Your holy courts I yearn to see;
    Faint with desire, I long to be
    Where pilgrims join in celebration.
    My heart and flesh with joyful shout
    To You, the living God, cry out.
  2. The sparrow finds a place to rest;
    The swallow builds herself a nest
    To rear her young beside Your altar.
    Your temple is their safe abode,
    O LORD of hosts, my King, my God.
    How blest are those who there find shelter.
    Your house, O LORD, is their delight;
    They sing Your praises day and night.
  3. How blest are those whose strength You are,
    Who seek the ways that from afar
    Lead them to Zion’s holy places.
    As they through Baca’s valley pass,
    They make that barren wilderness
    A place of springs, a lush oasis;
    The early rain on it descends,
    And pools refresh the desert sands.
  4. They make their way from strength to strength
    Until in Zion they at length
    Appear before their God and Savior.
    LORD God Almighty, hear my plea;
    O God of Jacob, answer me.
    Bestow on me Your grace and favor.
    O God, our shield, from heaven above
    Bless Your anointed with Your love.
  5. LORD, one day in Your dwelling place
    Is better than a thousand days
    Outside the courts of Your salvation.
    Yes, nothing gives me joy so great.
    Only to stand there at the gate,
    The entrance to Your habitation,
    Is better than to dwell within
    The tents of wickedness and sin.
  6. The LORD His goodness has revealed:
    He is to us a sun and shield.
    With grace and honor He delights us.
    He shows His mercy, as of old,
    And no good gift will He withhold
    From those whose walk is just and righteous.
    O LORD whose word is firm and true,
    How blest are those who trust in You.