Psalm 85

William Helder, 1972 ©

  1. Thou hast shown favor to Thy land, O LORD,
    And Jacob’s fortunes were by Thee restored.
    Thy people Thou hast from their guilt set free;
    Thou didst forgive all their iniquity.
    Thy fury and displeasure have now passed;
    The flames of anger Thou hast quenched at last.
    O God our Savior, hear us as we pray;
    Restore us now and take Thy wrath a way.
  2. LORD, will Thy blazing anger never cease
    And will Thy wrath for evermore increase?
    Wilt Thou not give new life and set us free,
    That all Thy people may rejoice in Thee?
    O LORD, Thy steadfast love and mercy show
    And Thy salvation on us now bestow.
    To us Thy lasting faithfulness unfold,
    Thy loving-kindness as in days of old.
  3. Let me now hear what God the LORD will speak,
    For to His saints who in their hearts Him seek
    He will proclaim His steadfast words of peace.
    From chains of bondage He will grant release.
    For surely His salvation is at hand,
    Prepared for those who honor His command.
    Then in our land may radiant glory dwell,
    Which on the earth shall have no parallel.
  4. Then faithfulness and steadfast love will meet;
    Then righteousness and peace each other greet.
    Then faithfulness will spring up from the ground,
    And from the sky will righteousness abound.
    The LORD our God will add prosperity;
    Our land will yield its crops abundantly.
    Before Him justice will its banners sway
    And make the footsteps of the LORD a way.