Psalm 85

William Helder © 1972, 2006

  1. You showed Your favor to Your land, O LORD;
    You Jacob’s fortunes graciously restored.
    Your people You then from their guilt set free,
    For You forgave all their iniquity.
    You did not let Your indignation last;
    Your fury and displeasure quickly passed.
    Now, God our Savior, hear us as we pray:
    Again restore us! Take Your wrath away.
  2. LORD, will your blazing anger never cease?
    Will it go on forever and increase?
    Will You not once again our strength renew,
    That all Your people may rejoice in You?
    Your never-failing love and mercy show
    And Your salvation, LORD, on us bestow.
    To us Your constant faithfulness unfold,
    Your lovingkindness as in days of old.
  3. Let me now hear what God the LORD will speak,
    For to His saints who Him sincerely seek
    He will proclaim His peace and righteousness-
    But let them not to foolish ways regress.
    He surely with His saving help is near
    To those who serve Him and His name revere,
    That in our land His glory may prevail
    And He may there among His people dwell.
  4. Unfailing love meets constant faithfulness,
    While righteousness and peace embrace and kiss.
    Up from the ground fidelity sprouts forth;
    Down from the heavens justice views the earth.
    Rich blessings will the LORD on us bestow;
    With plenteous crops our land will overflow.
    Before Him justice will its banner sway
    When for His footsteps it prepares the way.