Psalm 86

W. van der Kamp, 1967; rev.

  1. Turn Thy ear, O LORD, and heed me;
    Answer me, I’m poor and needy.
    I, who serve Thee constantly,
    Trust that Thou wilt rescue me.
    Thou, LORD, art my God and Savior;
    Show to me Thy grace and favor.
    Cheer Thy servant, glad den me:
    I lift up my soul to Thee.
  2. Thou art good, Thy grace astounding,
    And in steadfast love abounding.
    When we call, O LORD, be nigh;
    Listen to my troubled cry.
    Thee I call, for Thou art near me;
    None among the gods will hear me
    Or is like Thee, LORD benign,
    And no works compare with Thine.
  3. All the nations will adore Thee;
    They shall come and bow before Thee
    And shall glorify Thy Name,
    For none equals Thee in fame.
    Great and wondrous things Thou doest,
    And my spirit Thou renewest.
    Glorious art Thou on Thy throne.
    Thou, O LORD, art God alone.
  4. Guide my feet, O LORD, and teach me,
    Be my Helper, I beseech Thee,
    And unite my heart and aim
    In Thy truth, to fear Thy Name.
    Great Thou art, Thou shalt reward me
    In Thy steadfast love toward me.
    In Thy mercy Thou didst save
    Me, Thy servant, from the grave.
  5. LORD, the proud rose up around me;
    Ruthless foes pursue and hound me,
    And to Thee they pay no heed
    In their arrogance and greed.
    But Thou, God of grace and favor,
    Slow to anger, faithful ever,
    Dost in steadfast love abound.
    With Thy mercy me surround.
  6. Grant Thy strength in my affliction;
    Give Thy servant Thy protection,
    Rescue me, Thy handmaid’s son.
    Let Thy might my haters stun.
    Give me proof of Thy great favor:
    Show my foes Thou art my Savior.
    Shame them all and let them see
    Thou didst help and comfort me.