Psalm 88

W. van der Kamp, 1972

  1. O God, I call for help by day;
    I cry out in the night before Thee.
    LORD, let my prayer then come be fore Thee,
    In cline Thy ear, do not delay.
    My soul is full of troubles. Hear me:
    The darkness of Sheol draws near me.
  2. I am as one down in the Pit,
    Like one among the dead forsaken.
    My strength and comfort Thou hast taken;
    LORD, hear my prayer and answer it.
    Cut off, as from Thy presence banished,
    I have from Thy remembrance vanished.
  3. I’m plunged into the lowest grave;
    In regions dark and deep I languish.
    Thy wrath weighs on me in my anguish;
    I’m overwhelmed by all Thy waves.
    And of my friends Thou hast bereft me;
    They shunned me and in horror left me.
  4. Imprisoned, I can’t break away;
    My eyes grow dim, Thou hast undone me.
    All day I call, O LORD, upon Thee,
    Spread out my hands to Thee and pray.
    Will in the grave Thy wonders face me?
    And do the dead rise up to praise Thee?
  5. Shall death Thy steadfast grace profess?
    And does Abaddon sing Thy glory?
    Shall for Thy faithfulness adore Thee
    The dim land of forgetfulness?
    Are there Thy wonders known and greeted?
    Is there Thy saving help entreated?
  6. But as for me, I cry to Thee;
    My prayer I offer in the morning.
    O LORD my God, why art Thou scorning
    My anguish and my fervent plea?
    Why dost Thou cast me off and leave me?
    Why dost Thou hide Thy face to grieve me?
  7. I am afflicted, close to death,
    And by Thy anger overtaken.
    I’m helpless and by terrors shaken;
    My life is but a feeble breath.
    Thy fury has swept down upon me;
    Thy dread assaults have overrun me.
  8. Thy terrors hunt me all day long,
    And like a flood Thy threats surround me.
    They all close in on me and hound me;
    I’m crushed by haters fierce and strong.
    Of friend and kin Thou hast bereft me,
    And only darkness Thou hast left me.