Psalm 92

William Helder, 1972 ©

  1. ‘Tis good with jubilation to sing and glorify
    Thy Name, O LORD Most High, and thank Thee for salvation,
    At dawn in Thee rejoicing and in Thy steadfast love,
    At night the praises of Thy bound less mercy voicing.
  2. With song and music blending, I will Thy praise recite;
    Let harp and lute unite in harmony unending.
    My thankfulness expressing, I’ll praise Thy deeds of might;
    I’ll sing of my delight, Thy faithfulness confessing.
  3. Thy works are great and splendid! O how profound Thy thought!
    The senseless fool cannot begin to understand it.
    Though evil men may flourish, though like the grass they sprout,
    LORD, Thou shalt root them out; they shall forever perish.
  4. Thou art on high forever. Thou, LORD, shalt overthrow
    The proud and godless foe, and topple his endeavor.
    My horn Thou hast appointed to match the bull’s in height,
    To equal his in might. By Thee I’ve been anointed.
  5. My foes’ defeat and anguish I did myself behold,
    And also I’ve been told that all their host is vanquished.
    The just Thou wilt remember, to them Thy favor show;
    They like the palm tree grow, like Lebanon’s fine timber.
  6. Those whom the LORD will cherish, within His house He put;
    There planted, they took root and in His courts they flourish.
    Their fruit in old age bearing, they’re vigorous and green.
    Yes, now my Rock I’ve seen, His righteousness, His caring.