Psalm 92

William Helder © 1972, 2005

  1. It’s good with jubilation to praise and glorify
    Your name, O LORD Most High, and thank You for salvation,
    At dawn in You rejoicing and in Your steadfast love,
    At night the praises of Your boundless mercy voicing.
  2. With song and music blending, let me Your praise recite;
    Let harp and lute unite in harmony unending.
    My thankfulness expressing, I praise Your deeds of might;
    I sing of my delight, Your faithfulness confessing.
  3. Your works are great and splendid. O how profound Your thought!
    The senseless fool cannot begin to understand it.
    Though evil men may flourish, though like the grass they sprout,
    LORD, You shall root them out. They shall forever perish.
  4. You are supreme forever. Doomed is Your enemy.
    LORD, see the wicked flee, by none to be delivered!
    With such great strength You bless me that, like the wild ox, I
    Lift up my horn on high. The finest oils refresh me.
  5. I have been vindicated! As my own eyes have seen,
    My foes, to their chagrin, lie humbled and defeated.
    The LORD is my salvation; their downfall is assured.
    With my own ears I’ve heard their cries of desperation.
  6. The just will He remember, to them His favor show:
    They like the palm tree grow, like Lebanon’s fine timber.
    Those whom the LORD will cherish within His house He plants.
    There God His blessing grants: within His courts they flourish.
  7. Still fruit in old age bearing, they fresh and green remain.
    Their witness makes it plain: the LORD is just and caring.
    His righteousness and favor they shall proclaim in song:
    “In Him there is no wrong. He is my rock forever.”