Psalm 98

David Koyzis ©

  1. Sing to the Lord, O sing a new song
    For all the marvels He has done;
    He with His arm so strong and holy
    Salvation's victory has won.
    The Lord reveals to all the peoples
    His saving power and righteousness;
    To all the chosen house of Israel
    He shows His love and faithfulness.
  2. To every corner of creation
    God's saving power is manifest;
    All earthly creatures, praise the Lord God
    And sing for joy at His behest.
    Shout to the Lord with joyful music,
    Upon the harp His praises sing;
    With horn and trumpet loudly blasting,
    Lift voices to the Lord your King.
  3. Let ocean thunder forth His praises
    And all who dwell upon the earth;
    Let rivers clap in jubilation
    And mountains shout aloud with mirth.
    Sing to the Lord, for He is coming
    To judge the world with equity;
    To every nation flows His justice,
    On them His righteousness shall be.