Psalm 98

Dewey Westra, 1931; rev.

  1. Sing to the LORD, a new song voicing,
    For mighty wonders He has done.
    His right hand and His arm most holy
    The victory for Him have won.
    The LORD displayed His just salvation;
    His vindication He has shown,
    Revealing to the heathen nations
    That judgment issues from His throne.
  2. He has remembered all His mercy,
    His faithfulness to Israel.
    The ends of earth have seen His glory;
    In victory did He excel.
    Now make a joyful noise before Him;
    O all the earth, His praises sing!
    With loud acclaim let all adore Him
    And let the joyful anthems ring!
  3. Join to the harp your glad rejoicing;
    A Psalm of adoration sing,
    With trumpet and with cornet voicing
    Your joyful praise to God the King.
    Let oceans roar with all their fullness,
    The world and all that dwell therein.
    Acclaim the LORD’s great power with boldness;
    Exalt Him ever and again.
  4. Let all the streams in joyous union
    Now clap their hands and praise accord,
    The mountains join in glad communion
    And leap with joy before the LORD.
    He comes, He comes to judge the peoples
    In righteousness and equity;
    He will redeem the world from evil
    And righteous shall His judgment be!