Psalm 99

Dirk van der Boom, 1972, & William Helder, 1980

  1. God, the LORD, is King,
    Throned on cherubim.
    Let the peoples quake,
    Earth’s foundations shake,
    For in Zion He
    Shows His majesty
    And His exaltation
    Over ev’ry nation.
  2. Let them spread the fame
    Of His awesome Name;
    Holy is the LORD
    And to be adored.
    Let them praise their King,
    Of His justice sing.
    Worship Him uprightly;
    He, the King, is mighty.
  3. Thou in Jacob’s land
    Hast by Thy own hand
    Right and truth maintained,
    Equity ordained.
    At His footstool bow
    And revere Him now.
    Praise Him, high and lowly,
    For the LORD is holy.
  4. Moses to Him prayed,
    Aaron sought His aid;
    Later Samuel
    Called on Him as well.
    They cried out to Him,
    And He answered them;
    He in tribulation
    Heard their supplication.
  5. He to Israel spoke
    In a cloud of smoke;
    They His glory saw,
    Worshipped Him with awe.
    He, the LORD, their Guide,
    Statutes did provide
    Which His chosen nation
    Kept with dedication.
  6. When they called on Thee,
    Thou didst hear their plea;
    Thou didst pardon them,
    Though avenging sin.
    Come to Zion’s hill
    And perform God’s will;
    Praise Him, high and lowly,
    For the LORD is holy.