The Genevan Psalter

About the Webmaster

Michael Owens, born in 1974, was reared the fifth of 9 children in a Calvinist family strongly influenced by Bill Gothard and Rousas Rushdoony. At age 15, he began to develop interest in the ethics, the history and the composition of music. He has pursued musicology in private studies since then. He has been a professional piano technician since 1998, doing writing, music typesetting, composition, and multi-track vocal recordings on the side. See

For many years he has been pursuing various methods of singing the Psalms, including the through-composed Psalm 119 and Canticles Divine series with Frederick Steinruck. His first passions have always been God and family, with music and pianos a distant second. His work on the Genevan Psalter began in 2003, when a friend gave him a copy of the Cantus Christi.

This website is his work. Please contact him at